Video As A Service


Who We Are

VAAS or Video As A Service has been created to offer professional video production and distribution that covers the real needs of companies.

How it works?

First, research. All needs, values, tone of voice, style and target groups are mapped out for each and every client. Based on the results we produce the video material which can be used in the next 6 months.

We also have a comprehensive overview of paid, owned, earned and shared media channels and help our clients to build their video marketing plan around the customer decision journey.


Our Services

The core of our services is video. We plan, create, distribute and analyse video content.

Video Production
Thanks to our experienced team and precise planning, we produce cost effective video content with no compromises in quality.
Online Advertising
We launch online advertising campaigns that bring relevant people to the sweet spot on your website.
Content Marketing
We build relationships between consumers and brands by providing useful, interesting or entertaining video content in different formats through various channels.
In order to maximize the desired outcome we give our clients the option to track how well the target audiences are engaging with the videos. We draw up real-time statistics which give the opportunity to make changes in the content or the chosen channels.
Creating Animations
We know that animations are great tools to get across information effectively and clearly. That’s why it is our mission to help you reach your audience in a fun and innovative way.
Making Infographics
Our team can help you distinguish the most important information from all the rest. We provide the ability to create needed infographics that are easy to grasp and visually appealing.
Photography Service
By starting from an initial idea for your business or personal photography content, we have the ability to shape the final work in a way that perfectly suits the desired vision.

Meet the team

Triinu Tarus


Merliin Vellend


Timo Hartikainen

Kristjan Taal


Jaan Sinka


Mariann Jüriorg


Timo Hartikainen


Janar Aronija

creative director

Robert Parelo


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