Alfa Romeo x Reigo Ahven

Alfa Romeo is a well known Italian sports car brand, but unfortunately, there are relatively few of these beauties on the streets of Estonia among all the German and Japanese cars. To improve the situation the representative of Alfa Romeo in Estonia, United Motors, signed a cooperation with the new brand ambassador Reigo Ahven. Reigo is a well-known drummer, who loves beautiful sports cars. Reigo is a perfect match for Alfa Romeo, as similar to the brand he is nothing like an average reserved Estonian. They are both energetic and fast.

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To increase Alfa Romeo’s brand awareness we created a series of videos called “Alfa x Ahven”. Throughout a year we produced 10 clips, each focusing on a different Alfa Romeo Stelvio feature. We talked about the capacity, the looks, the characteristics, etc. We distributed the video content on social media, targeting the people, who are interested in Alfa Romeos, luxury cars, Land Rovers, Audis, BMW-s, and Jaguars.

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The “Alfa Romeo x Ahven” series has been watched more than 100k times. Alfa Romeo’s brand awareness was quite low, when we started the collaboration. But in 2021, the sales increased significantly – by 200%. There has been also a notable increase in interest to different Alfa Romeo car models thanks to the brand’s growing popularity.

Alfa Romeo x Reigo Ahven
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