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The construction stores segment is highly competitive and in a constant price war. It is very difficult to differentiate with offers because most stores have sales going on 24/7. Therefore Ehituse ABC decided to gain a competitive advantage through social media content. The goal is to increase the number of visitors to the Ehituse ABC online store and thus increase sales and generate interest in offers. In addition, the focus is also communicating the green thinking of the company. We did it by offering inspiration. 



Facebook offers a great way to combine content and targeting. That’s why we have been focusing on introducing the offers in a new form. We have been going to the stores and filming the selection of different offers and communicated them through micro-videos and static content. The videos have been combined with educational blog posts. 

To communicate the company’s green thinking,  we launched a series of videos “DIY ABC” in collaboration with influencer Merlin Miido. In these videos, we show how to turn construction waste into cool interior elements and/or home decorations. 


lisa teist tooni


The ROI% of social media content is 2x+, which means that the money invested has more than doubled in sales. Besides sales growth, Ehituse ABC’s social media audience is in constant growth and more engaged every day. Social media activities increase website traffic.

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