Rimi social media

Rimi is a loved retail store chain in Estonia. The store has a special focus on promotion of food culture and environmental sustainability. We create and distribute content for Rimi’s Facebook and Instagram to help  achieve their business goals. As a final addition, we launched Rimi’s TikTok channel. 

Rimi - Katri x jäätis - retseptikas


Rimi’s social media aims to inspire people through food culture and quality groceries. In Rimi’s social media channels, we mainly focus on communicating different recipes and thus introducing Rimi’s product range. In addition, we focus on introducing local manufacturers whose products can be found in Rimi stores and in their online store. 

While producing the videos, we have experimented with different scenarios, lengths, and aspect ratios. As people’s attention span has shortened, we have adapted to the situation and are creating videos that are short, inspirational, and usable on all the channels. We use different aspect ratios for different channels.

Tuuli 1x1


Rimi’s social media content has reached more than 525,000 unique users in Estonia. This means we have reached at least 92% of the Estonian-speaking audience. Our produced video content has been viewed more than 2 million times.

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