Brand campaign for Ruukki

Ruukki has been Estonia’s best-known and most experienced supplier of steel roofs since 1992. Together with Ruukki, we set the goal of introducing Ruukki’s steel roofs as the best quality roofs on the market, and thereby increasing the number of inquiries about steel roofs. An additional goal was to present the complete solution of the Ruukki roof, which includes both the installation of the roof and accessories.



We took several important steps to support these goals. We created all the communication and designs and also managed the social media of the Ruukki Express.

We spent the hottest days of summer filming engaging and fun TVC and social media clips. In social media clips, we introduced various more affordable roof solutions through humorous sketches and compared them with a long-lasting steel roof. As a result of the comparisons, the roof expert Toivo Teras, whose character was represented by Kaarel Nõmmik, and his faithful assistant Pontu came to the conclusion that there is no rival to the steel roof. On social media, people saw the clips as a series, and those who had watched the short sketch also began to see the TVC as advertisements, the focus of which was only Ruukki’s steel roof.

Wanna video?

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