Back to School campaign for Tele2

We ran a Back to School campaign on Tele2’s social media channels, which aim was to draw attention to Tele2’s back to school deals. To do this, we focused on sending parents “back to school”, because it can be difficult for them to understand the modern language of their kids.



The campaign was in two stages – a slang tutorial video and a vox populi-style video, where we asked the people of Tele2 how much they know about youth slang, followed by a knowledge tests. 

We first published a tutorial video in which a young Tele2’s member took on a text full of slang and estonglish and translated it into beautiful Estonian. This was followed by a vox populi-style slang guessing video, where Tele2’s members could prove and improve their knowledge of slang.

Based on these two videos, we published three knowledge tests, in which we asked to solve some slang-related tasks. All the tasks were based on the videos published in the earlier stage of the campaign. Those who successfully completed all three tests were also entered into a raffle for an awesome prize.


The content pieces of Tele2’s B2S campaign were bold, innovative and youthful. Bold content always gets attention and response on social media, and this was reflected in the results.

During the campaign, we reached nearly 200,000 people (unique users). All content pieces received significant engagement across all social media channels used: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. People were interested in youth slang and discussed it in the comments. The campaign spoke to both the younger and older generations, as it offered a moment of identification for both.

The video content, in which Tele2’s people were involved, worked particularly well, which proves once again that real content with real people is what speaks to people. 

This campaign raised Tele2’s brand awareness and proved that Tele2 dares to experiment and is up-to-date and with new ideas. Most of the content pieces of the campaign also reached the quarterly top.


With this work, we won the golden egg in the PR Campaign category for Brand Social Media Communication and the bronze egg in the Marketing Communication category for a Social Media Campaign in the Kuldmuna 2023 competition! In addition, we were shortlisted in the social media post category for marketing communication.