United Motors’ Social Media

It is very common to use global marketing materials in the automotive industry, therefore the content itself usually lacks local touch. We created social media strategy for United Motors to promote the sales of approved used cars, and to advertise different services that the company offers. Through these activities, the aim has been to raise awareness of United Motors among potential car buyers. 



To stand out in the market we create local  content – both video and pictures. We use the created content at social media channels and to run ad campaigns. The video and pictures are also used in United Motors’ events, indoor screens, and by other partners. 



Today, the content created for United Motors has reached almost 94% of their target audience. Social media has become the main channel, where potential customers find their way to United Motors. The interest in cars in the stock sector grew by 17% in 2022. The overall interest in United Motors cars has sparked an interest which means that we have succeeded in raising the company’s awareness.

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