Swedbank Rahakoguja TV clips

It’s much easier to raise money when you have a clear picture of the goal in front of you, isn’t it? So Swedbank created a campaign aimed at young people to communicate Rahakoguja savings account to its target group. Rahakoguja can be used to conveniently collect money to meet your goals and earn interest on it.

But how to reach the right target group? That’s why creative agency Not Perfect called on us to create some edgy clips.

Provided services

What and how?

Two clips. 

One day of shooting in different locations. 

Collaboration with Estonia’s young influencers – Hensugusta, Maria Rannaväli and SÄM. 

Aim: to show how Swedbank can help you control your finances and raise money for your goals. 

Where to see? On TV, in cinemas and on social media.