Rimi x La Muu | Saved banana ice cream

Rimi, La Muu, and Toidupank put their backs together and ice cream into cartons to reduce food waste. Rims collected 2,967 kilos of over-ripe bananas and made 12,271 cartons of SAVED BANANA ICE CREAM!


What & how?

We didn’t make the ice cream, but we still had a big part to play! We spread the word about the ice cream through social media content.

To do this, we visited both La Muu and Rimi and filmed a video with a clear message about the ice cream made from the rescued bananas. The video was aslo recognized in the Selge Sõnum competition.

In addition, we launched two TikTok videos, which garnered a total of over 6,500 engagements and 114,500 organic views.


With this work, we won a silver egg in the PR Campaign category of the Kuldmuna 2023 competition for Brand Social Media Communication! And we were also shortlisted in the Marketing Communications category for Small Product Campaign.