Rimi’s Smart memory game campaign

Rimi has launched the formerly known Rimi Basic product range in exchange for Rimi Smart. With the campaign, we wanted to increase the memorability of the new product range’s packaging, so that visitors would find it on the shelves later.


What and how?

We came up with an innovative solution to use digital marketing to playfully introduce people to new products in the physical store and increase recall. In the form of gamified marketing, we created an interactive memory game that made people search for our products repeatedly over a fairly long period (60sec+) in terms of digital marketing.

We communicated the campaign through social media and ran a lot of ad engine A/B tests to find the most effective message and, among other things, to bring back a participant who had already played the game before. The average player played 10.6 times, or tried to remember Rimi Smart products for about 11 minutes.

  • The average time spent playing the game and getting familiar with Rimi Smart products was 60 seconds, which is 30x higher than the alternative solution of banner advertising, which a person notices for an average of 2 seconds.
  • The campaign had a bounce rate of just 8%, meaning that almost all people who reached the landing page went on to play the game – so we collected 9118 email leads with the campaign, at a cost of just 13 cents per lead!