Branding video for Reedest Straws

Reedest Straws is changing the world, one sip at a time, by producing drinking straws out of reed stems. They wanted to show how in just a couple of years Reedest has grown from a couple of idealists handcrafting straws one at a time to a high-tech company capable of producing millions of drinking straws per day. And we at Vaas helped them share their journey!

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What and how?

What’s the best way to show how a growing reed stem ends up as a beautifully packaged drinking straw? The answer: by shooting the clip in three days throughout the year and in three locations across Estonia.

We shot the green fields of flowing reed in the summer and the reaping of reeds in the winter. We also visited their production line. We took to the skies with drones, carried the camera all along the production line, and then set it up on a tripod so the masterminds of Reedest could share their story face-to-face with future clients.

The result? A beautifully shot clip that both tells and shows the process, while simultaneously safeguarding trade secrets from rivals.