Marmara Sterling Launch Campaign

Provided services


Marmara Sterling launched their brand to the Polish market and they needed marketing materials to take that bold step. We helped Marmara from the idea to the production and post-production.



So, with the help of a highly professional crew we orchestrated a studio full of huge mirrors, carefully matched jewelry sets with different outfits and lighting, took the camera for a quick spin and of course, had a great time on set! We also organized a photo shoot to get professional photo material for the landing page and for Marmara’s social media – talented photographer Sandra Palm did her magic!

We were so happy to work with Dorota Gardias, a super famous polish TV star, model, journalist and singer, on set and honoured to have her as the main face of the launch campaign. In addition to the main launch video & photos, Dorota (who has over 220k followers on Instagram) also created Instagram story content herself during the shooting day, which was one of the campaign’s activities.

In order to keep the uniqueness and capture the essence of the brand, we collaborated with Hyrr-Innokent Vainola, a one-of-a-kind musician and composer, who created original music for the campaign video.

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