Social media campaign content for Deary Barista Oat

Deary Barista Oat is an oat drink specially designed for making coffee. Our task was to introduce the new product to the wider public and at the same time to break the myth that plant-based milks do not foam properly.

Provided services


In cooperation with the agency Taifuun we planned and filmed channel specific social media videos that were strategically created for YouTube and Instagram. We created two YouTube ads – one skippable ad and the other unskippable ad plus an Instagram Story video. 

We combined fast, slow and detailed close up shots to bring out the beauty of the product and spiced it up with real coffee making sound effects.

In order to get as much as possible from the shooting day, we also took professional photos, so the client got a mini photo bank of the product for their social media.

Creative Agency: Taifuun

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