We produced & distributed ABC King’s autumn campaign “ABC Queen” in social media. The campaign started with an A/B test, to determine the best working video format among Social Ads. In addition to the A/B test, we created content for social pages & made special video solutions as Caroussel ad & Youtube bumper ad.

✔️A/B test: we tested in total 3 different video formats, among 2 channels & 2 languages = 12 total tests! Best working format in social media is 4:5 (not square, as many assume!).

✔️We created 3D feed post’s to gain the attention with feed post’s

✔️We created special video solutions for Facebook Carousel Ad format & Bumper Ads

✔️The campaign reached 74,9% of our audience with an avg. frequency of 5,05

3D Post examples👇

Bumper ad special solution👇

Client: ABC King
Service: video production, campaign, social media, paid-media