ABC Queen Case Study

The aim of the “ABC Queen” campaign was to increase interest in the new collection and to increase sales during the campaign period. We produced video and social media content for the campaign. 




Our goal is not only to create cool content but to create content that brings tangible results. The digital ad solutions for the “ABC Queen” campaign were part of a bigger campaign that was happening both online and offline.  However, our previous experience shows that finding the right video aspect ratio boosts content performance.

That’s why we started the campaign with A/B tests. We wanted to determine which video aspect ratio would bring better results and would lower the advertising costs. We aimed to raise awareness and memorability. We tested special native video solutions and compared their performance. At the end of the test, we continued only with the most effective ads.



The A/B tests for the “ABC Queen” campaign confirmed two important insights.

One size doesn’t fit all! Videos see a significant performance improvement when switching aspect ratios depending on the channel. 

For example, in social media, the best video aspect ratio is 4:5, as it captures more of the consumer’s screen space. Especially as 80% of the views come from mobile devices. Portrait (4:5) captures 25% more screen space than aspect ratio 1:1 and 122.5% more screen space than aspect ratio 16:9! In addition, the aspect ratio of 4:5 brings the best results in terms of distribution and viewing costs. 

Creative digital solutions work better than adaptions. Creativity really works! It helps to deliver better results as people’s attention cycle has reduced. For example, this 

campaign’s native Youtube Bumper solution brought 31% better results among Estonians and 115% better results among Russians compared to the regular video. Native Carousel Ad worked 127% better compared to the regular video. 


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