Rimi x Impact Day

Rimi took part in the largest impact and sustainability festival in the Baltics, Impact Day 2022, which attracted over 1200 guests and 70 speakers – all top sustainability practitioners. The festival had previously requested that no plastic or disposable tableware should be used on site.


What and how?

Our task was to come up with a solution that would stand out at the event and help communicate Rimi’s core values of sustainability and reducing food waste.

To achieve our goals, we decided to create a stand that was sustainable in every element. So, we put together a pop-up kitchen built from euro trays, where Alex Aus, a chef known from TikTok, and Rimi’s chef Demo Kaev spent the day preparing a variety of snacks from products that had lost their commercial appearance or were about to expire.

We used sustainable solutions in both stand construction and activities – from reusable euro trays in construction to not-so-good-looking fruits. We even went as far as avoiding the use of banners, for example by not putting the name of Rimi on the stand with a banner, but by burning it onto the wood.

We received a lot of attention and positive feedback at the event, and according to the event’s program manager, the Rimi stand was one of the most, if not the most, popular at the event.


With this work, we were shortlisted in the Kuldmuna 2023 competition in the PR Campaign Event Communication category and Event Marketing Promotion category.